Learn Wordpress at Lightning Base

WordPress causing headaches?

There are lots of hosts that advertise “one click WordPress install” – but then you’re on your own. Have problems? Support says it must be a plugin, or you got hacked, or whatever. And you have all the hassles of learning to keep your site backed up, dealing with server config issues, and, if you have some real success, scaling WordPress.

Stop stressing. We make it easy.

Your site is setup for you. And truly setup, ready to use, without any concern that something won’t work right. We make sure it’s kept secure, and have backups on hand at all times. Our support is experienced with WordPress, and happy to point you in the right direction when you’re not sure what to do. We can even install some of our favorite plugins or themes to help you get started fast. And if you’re already started elsewhere but having some problems? We’ll transfer that site over, free of charge. Plus you never have to worry or move if your site starts to grow.