Lightning Base provides an ideal platform for hosting WordPress-based websites.

And adds a set of services to make WordPress even better.

Some words from the founder:

WordPress is a great open-source program, and one that I have relied upon for my own websites and those of my clients for several years. But it needs to be constantly updated, must be kept secure, and can be a challenge to effectively scale. Over the years I developed a system for running and maintaining my sites. It worked great for me, and I gradually realized something similar could benefit others.

My first thought was to just offer a clone of my customized server to the public – but I kept pushing to make it better, the best out there, and ended up spending months fine-tuning, testing, and improving the setup I previously used. At this point, the Lightning Base configuration can handle tremendous amounts of traffic even with relatively small amounts of resources, and has a set of services that makes hosting one or one hundred sites as easy as can be.

Once the system was ready, I founded Lightning Base LLC in November 2011, and launched services a short time thereafter. At this point, the company is small, providing personalized service (often provided by me personally) but prepared to grow. From the beginning, everything’s been setup to handle even very large sites – or thousands of small ones.

Browse the site and give Lightning Base’s services a try. I look forward to working with you – and expect you’ll be impressed.

Chris Piepho
Lightning Base LLC